Friday, August 31, 2012

Yay for 4 Day Weekends!!!

Oh, 4 day weekends how I love you! It feels like a mini vacation with my husband, even if we don't go anywhere! We can do whatever we want for 4 glorious days!! Plus on top of that, it's pay day!!! Of course we don't have a lot of money to waste, but the weekend always seems to be better when it's payday!

So what are our plans for this weekend, you may ask?

~ Finish up my craft project of refinishing a wine rack, more to come on this.
~ Search Home Depot and Lowe's for the supplies I need for one of my home made Christmas Gifts
~ Picnic at Lake Belton
~ Central Texas State Fair - Yay for horrible for you Fair Food!!
~ Possible BBQ
~ Giving this puppy a very long over due bath:
~ Spending some much needed quality time with my wonderful hubby!!

For those of you who are in a deployment cycle, I will make sure to hug my love extra tight for you! Those who have their husbands home, I ask you to do the same! Enjoy your time with them, that next deployment is always just around the corner!

This song by Keith Urban, strengthens my appreciation for our military men and women every time I hear it. I've always had a strong sense of appreciation growing up with a father in the Navy and deployed for, what seems like, over half of my childhood. This is how I always understood the mentality to be. If I could have done it, I would have, but something kept telling me that my job was to be a military wife like my mom! Love you Mom!!  So enjoy Keith Urban's "For You"

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  1. sounds like you may have had a good weekend if everything you said came true ;) super cute blog by the way!