Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to normal

So things have been a little crazy in my household. As you may know, I am now the FRG Leader for my husband's battery. That has kept me very busy, and I'm almost to the point of pulling my hair out with it. We also had block leave last month, which was nice. I got some much needed one on one time with my hubby, as well as have a few days back in my home town! I have also started working again, but that's another can of worms that is better saved for a time I'm more calm after working. With everything that has been happening and changing over the last couple of months, it has seemed beyond hectic. Things finally seem to be settling down here again, or at least we are finding a new routine with all that has been added to our plates.

The best thing over the past couple of months was definitely block leave. We drove to FL for a week. What a long drive that is! We don't enjoy the drive in any sense, but it tends to be cheaper. We decided to take our pup with us because of length of time we were going to be gone, but had our friends come by and feed the cat. It was the first road trip the pup had been on, and we were slightly nervous because she wasn't overly fond of car rides. What dog doesn't like car rides?? She doesn't get sick in the car, just seemed to get really nervous. Thankfully she got over it, but was over being in the car for long periods of time. We made a horrible decision to drive straight through to FL on the way there, I do not suggest it! On the way back we left earlier than planned but broke up the drive and took some of the scenic routes. That was nice, I got to see some coastal places I hadn't before. I think we found some awesome future vacation spots though!

I'm making a goal with myself to blog at least once a week and talk about some important things rather than just ranting all of the time. In the mean time, I hope my few followers will bare with me!

Outside of our Hotel on the way back from FL

This is one of the many uncomfortable looking positions pup slept in during the road trip

Family photo at the rest stop in AL on the way back to TX

These are individual glasses of wine! Found this in a Gas Station in a little town here in TX

My hubby and I at the 4th of July Concert on post. He of course hates this one, but for some odd reason I love it!

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