Monday, May 21, 2012

Take an extra minute to remember

To my readers I ask you a to take a moment to remember what it is your spouse/SO does in the military. I know not all of you are military affiliated, and if you are not, then take a minute to think what it would mean. I was at a marriage retreat this weekend with J's battalion, and some of the things I heard made me cringe, even from seasoned spouses. Then I got home and read this incredible blog from "To Love a Soldier". Please take a moment to hop on over there and read it. I know it's difficult to realize that as loved ones of military personnel we don't always come first, but they love us no less, remember that. 

To Love a Soldier: Missed Understanding: The Garrison Command of our post put on an online townhall via Facebook sometime ago. Reps from every major part of post life were in "atte...

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