Monday, August 13, 2012

Thinking of the Future with Baby Fever

This is my first official post on anything worth writing, lol. I have decided that I will start writing about more than just what happens in my day to day life, because frankly, at this time, it's not that interesting! So instead I am going to write about something in particular from my very ordinary life that might be of some interest. Of course, I'm sure I will still write about the mundane, but my goal is to write something with more substance! Now on to the substance!!

After everything that happened earlier this year with the pregnancy, and with our impending move next year, hubby and I have had some serious decisions to make regarding future children. We decided that with the high probability of him deploying shortly after getting to our new post, we want to have a baby before he leaves. With the length of recovery, we knew that I would deliver to close to the move and one way or another he would end up leaving to our new home before I could. We definitely do not want that, if we can help it. So based on all of that fun stuff we decided that we can stop preventing this fall. We decided on this a few months ago, but now that the date is about a month a way, baby fever has officially hit!

Living with baby fever and ample time on my hands, I have had time to begin planning! My husband of course, thinks I am crazy! Here's my logic, we will be losing roughly 2 months, if not more, of planning time because of our move, then we will basically have one month left before baby comes! I am way to indecisive and change my mind to often to wait until we are officially pregnant to make some of the big choices! Ok, maybe I am a little extra anxious, but I still have a valid point!

Have any of you had baby fever like this??


  1. Best of luck in your TTC journey, rule of thumb: have fun! I know you had that etopic pregnancy and read your post about it on here, happy for you that it shouldn't affect your fertility! I would have thought the loss of a tube would have a larger impact on it. Is there a higher risk of having a second etopic now that you've had one? Or does that only come into play if the tube had remained?

    1. Thank you! I thought that losing a tube would cause an issue as well, but my OBGYN said that the remaining tube will carry the egg from both. So we shall see how it goes! As far as the possibility of another ectopic, it is sadly there. There is a 60-70% chance of having another one. So as soon as I test positive I have to go to my PCM on post to test officially and then be referred back to the women's center. My OBGYN told me to email her as soon as I am pregnant to get the appointments with her set up. I will have to have my hormone levels monitored until they can check the placement of the embryo which is approximately 6-8wks. Needless to say, it's completely nerve wracking!

  2. This is good information to have. I have a friend who found out last week that her pregnancy was ectopic, she would have been somewhere between 8-10 weeks. They gave her a shot last Thursday and thus far she is doing okay, physically. Mentally she is a mess, as I am sure you where. I've never had an ectopic pregnancy but I've had a miscarriage, not an easy thing to go through. Her levels are slowly dropping, but everyone is hopeful that the tube will not be effected. It is totally strange how one tube can do the work of two! Since the one tube will do the work of two do you have a higher twin chance? Or does it not work that way since you ovulate from only one ovary at a time. Again, body functions weird me out! I hope and pray that the aforementioned pregnancy will uneventful and you and your hubby will have a healthy, bouncing bundle of baby in your future. :)

    1. I'm so sorry to hear this about your friend. Make sure that she is very aware of what is going on with her body. We thought I was in the clear when mine started to rupture. I was almost 2 weeks post shot. If she has gone to the mainly pain free stage and starts to have any pain in that area she needs to contact her doc/er immediately!

      It is completely heart breaking and you do become a mental wreck. I can only imagine that it would be similar to the pain of a miscarriage, since they are essentially the same thing. The biggest thing is to let her know how you felt when you went through your situation, and let her know that she is not alone on this journey. Feel free to share my story with her or even have her contact me if she wants to talk to someone who has been through it.

      The body is definitely a miraculous thing. I don't believe that it will up my chances of having twins, at least not fraternal. But apparently we both have twin running in our families. I'm hoping that it will skip yet another generation for my own sanity, lol!

      I will be praying for your friend!